Not just employee satisfaction surveys,
employee Engagement Surveys for organizational improvement

Motivation Cloud is a service that supports organizational transformation by providing a clear overview of organizational challenges through answering survey questions based on globally recognized psychology and behavioral studies.
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Are you facing these problems?

High turnover rate
Low retention rate
離職率が高い 定着率が低い
Unsure where to start organizational transformation
組織改革の具体的な 方法がわからない
Conducting an organizational diagnosis but struggling to make improvements
組織診断はしているが 改善ができていない

We solve organizational issues through
diagnosis and transformation cycle

  • Expert-guided support
  • Measuring improvement process through Pulse Survey
  • Sharing of insights and cases through trainings and videos
diagnosis and transformation cycle
  • Easily create comprehensive surveys
  • With peer comparison through our database with over 10,000 data points
  • Survey conducted on two axes: Expectation and Satisfaction

Three features of Motivation Cloud


Visualize employee engagement,
based on a comprehensive database

You can analyze and visualize your organization's health compared to a database of over 10,000 companies.
You can prioritize issues that need to be addressed first, based on surveys by the level of expectations and satisfaction.
You can also analyze the organization from various aspects, such as comparison among other companies, departments, hierarchies, and timelines, and track scores monthly and weekly with Pulse Survey.

Comparison within the same business industry and company size

他社比較 イメージ画像
Comparing company's score with industry averages based on engagement scores.

Comparison among departments and hierarchies

comparison among departments and hierarchies
Comparing company's score across different departments and hierarchical levels.

Comparison with the past, changes visualization

Comparison with the past, changes visualization
Compare company's score from six months ago with now.

Our consulting expertise incorporated into our service,
over 20 years since our founding

We Link and Motivation, the developers of Motivation Cloud, has provided organizational transformation support to many companies since our founding, by our consulting expertise of global standards based on psychology, behavioral economics, etc.

Experts accompany your transformation by providing advice on organizational improvement measures.

We provide advice as needed to ensure organizational transformation smoothly with Motivation Cloud, through the use of AI and experts who have led many organizations through transformation.

For companies conducting engagement surveys for the first time

For companies who want to compare engagement survey tools

Diagnosis phase

Conduct surveys

Conduct surveys
  • Conduct comprehensive surveys (available via PC, smartphones or tablets)
  • Assess status with easy-to-understand scores

Analyze and set improvement goals

Analyze and set improvement goals
  • Clarify issues through Expectations and Satisfaction levels, supported by experts who are specialists in solving organizational issues
Kaizen(improvement) phase

Conduct actions

Conduct actions
  • Implement necessary organizational improvement actions
  • Acquire organizational knowledge through Comprehensive trainings and content support

Track progress

Track progress
  • Track organizational improvement with periodic Pulse Survey
  • Surveys focused on improvements take about 1 minute to complete.

Global standard and academic survey questions

You can get surveys of global standards using psychology and behavioral economics.

Clearly identify organizational issues with the "Level of expectation" and "Level of satisfaction” matrix

Expectations and Satisfaction levels
Surveys are designed to measure both "expectations" and "satisfaction" level, and the results are visible at a glance for easy interpretation. Items with high expectations and low satisfaction are clearly identified as weaknesses of your company.

Acquire knowledge of organizational transformation through comprehensive support service

comprehensive support service
Experts advise on knowledge that has been proven over the past 20 years since our inception, allowing you to gain invaluable insights into organizational transformation

Visualize organizational change with Pulse Survey

Pulse Survey
By Pulse Survey focused on the improvement items defined by analysis, you can monitor the effectiveness of the action plan in a short-term perspective, such as monthly or weekly.

What is Motivation Cloud?

What kind of service is Motivation Cloud is a cloud service?

Motivation Cloud is a cloud service that helps improve employee engagement by diagnosing organizational status based on one of Japan's largest databases of over 4.03 million employees and 11,360 companies. We do not just diagnose the state of the organization, but also provide support for organizational transformation by experts with a wealth of knowledge based on the organizational transformation expertise we have developed since our founding.

What are the benefits and features of Motivation Cloud?

What are the benefits and features of Motivation Cloud?

The merits and characteristics of Motivation Cloud are that it clearly shows organizational status at a glance in a simple 15-minute survey, and that it enables appropriate issue setting comparisons with other companies, items, attributes, and over time. In addition, the experts who have led many organizations to change will accompany you through the process, leading to stable organizational transformation, and you can also monitor changes in the organization at a fixed point through Pulse Survey.

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