Motivation Cloud: Solving Organizational Issues through
Diagnosis and Transformation Cycle

  • Expert-guided support
  • Measuring improvement through Pulse Survey
  • Sharing of insights and cases through trainings and videos
diagnosis and transformation cycle
  • Easily create comprehensive surveys
  • With peer comparison through over 10,000 benchmarked databases
  • Surveys on two axes: level of expectations and satisfaction *Patented


Simple 15-minute survey to visualize organizational status

Motivation Cloud allows you to visualize and quantify the state of employee engagement just by a simple 15-minute survey.
The "Engagement Score" is a unified index for organizations with data from 10,060 companies and 3.12 million employees.
In addition, the survey's two axes of expectations and satisfaction help clarify the organizational issues you are facing.
Simple 15-minute survey
Engagement Score

Grasp the current conditions from data on 10,060 companies and 3.12 million people

The "Engagement Score", visualized and quantified through surveys, allows you to understand the state of your organization at a glance.
Expectations and Satisfaction levels

Clarify your company's weaknesses through Expectations and Satisfaction levels

Surveys are designed to measure both "expectation" and "satisfaction" level, and the results are visible at a glance for easy interpretation. Items with high expectations and low satisfaction are clearly identified as weaknesses of your company.

Identify organizational issues that need improvement through comparisons with other companies, items, attributes, and over time

Motivation Cloud allows you to analyze various aspects, such as comparison with other companies, survey items, and attributes.
In addition, by performing a cross-analysis combining each element, more detailed organizational analysis can be achieved.
It enables you to grasp the realities occurring within the organization and clearly identify organizational issues that need improvement to generate results.
comparisons with other companies

Comparison by various factors such as other companies, survey items, and attributes
Cross-analysis is also available by combining each element

With other firms
With other firms
By items
By items
comparisons with other companies
By attributes


Advisory by experts to get insights into organizational transformation

After the analysis, improvement items and numerical goals are set for the entire company and each department.
You can interpret your survey results and set goals and improvement items optimal for your company by utilizing the effective and reproducible knowledge we have developed over the 20 years since our founding.
Advisory by experts

Analyse survey results and make informed decisions based on our proven expertise

Goals to be set vary depending on the business or organizational situation. By leveraging insights from successful organizational transformations and recommended actions from AI, you can analyze survey 's results yourselves and set goals that best suit your company.
Get organizational change insights from experts

Get organizational change insights from experts

You can also learn how to use organizational change knowledge yourself, with advisory support from experts with a proven track record in organizational change.

Visualize organizational change with Pulse Survey

By conducting a Pulse Survey on the improvement items defined by analysis results, you can monitor the effectiveness of planned actions in a short-term perspective, such as on a monthly or weekly basis.
Pulse Survey

Simple usability for all employees, regardless of nationality

Pulse Survey
comparisons with other companies
After conducting a survey focused on improvement items (takes about 1 minute to answer), results are immediately displayed in a simple design. This allows managers and team members can easily see what needs to be done at a glance.

Procedure after contracting

1. Prepare for introduction

Careful onboarding to get you started

We will explain the upcoming flow, Motivation Cloud operation rules, and setup instructions to operation staff and managers during the meeting, and provide careful support to ensure smooth operation.
Prepare for introduction

2. Conduct survey

15-minute survey to identify organizational status

You will be asked to answer questions that provide a comprehensive picture of your organization.
It takes about 15 minutes to answer, and the screen automatically slides to the next question with a single touch, making it less burdensome.
Conduct survey

3. Set improvement goals

Support for results sharing/goal setting by experts

Our experienced experts will report the results of the survey analysis and assist you in defining improvement items.
Set improvement goals

4. Manage Progress

Accelerate organizational transformation with Pulse Survey

By conducting a Pulse Survey on the defined improvement items, the effectiveness of the action plan will be monitored on a monthly or weekly basis.

Thereafter, steps 2-4 will be repeated.
Manage Progress

About introduction scale

What minimum number of employees is allowed to use the service?

Our services are used by companies of all sizes, from those with less than 10 employees to those with more than 10,000 employees.

About expenses

What is the cost?

It depends on the number of users and the plan, so please contact us for more information.

About our support

Is there any support after installation?

Our experts, who have led many organizations to transformation, can support you in designing survey operations and providing specific improvement advice.

About the burden on employees

Does the introduction of the system require a burden on the employees?

Surveys are answered just once every six months and can be completed in 15 minutes.

About survey details

How long does it take from survey response to utilization?

After the survey is completed, the results are compiled in real time and can be used immediately.

In which languages is the survey available?

Survey responses are available in 13 languages;
Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil), Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Tagalog

Is it possible to add our own questions?

Yes. You can set your own questions and get both quantitative and qualitative answers to them.

About differences from other surveys

If we already have other surveys such as our employee satisfaction survey, we probably don't need Motivation Cloud.

Motivation Cloud is the only service that can not only quantify and visualize (SEE) organizational conditions through analysis using Japan's largest class of organizational data from 10,060 companies and 3.12 million employees, but also support subsequent goal setting (PLAN) and improvement measures (DO).